Branded items at their best will always instill a sense of pride, excitement, or commitment to a company. Dynamic, creative ideation and design are how you evoke those emotions and connect with clients, employees, customers, and fans of your organization.

SwagShip’s team of creative designers thrive on providing branded items that go beyond expectations for our clients. Whether you need a unique logo for your start-up or you want to freshen up your company logo that’s been in use for decades, our design partners can execute eye-catching products and designs that put your company in the spotlight.

We also offer helpful marketing services like social media integration and website development to boost your brand visibility and ensure consistent messaging across multiple platforms.

Order fulfillment

Once your items are designed and approved, SwagShip can address all your sourcing requirements, including custom sourced products and international fulfillment (including all customs forms)

SwagShip’s turnkey ordering process helps you move fast on acquiring and meeting orders in a timely fashion. Our facility allows us to process orders, pack, and ship as quickly as possible, so your orders are ready when you need them. We even offer services for inventory management and returns.



SwagShip offers multiple logistics options for clients, each designed to meet the differing needs from one organization to the next. Do you need your products warehoused off-site? SwagShip can provide needed storage space, and then ship requested items as you need them. Perhaps you have your own warehouse space and will store it yourself? No problem, SwagShip can fill your order and ship it all at once to your desired location.

We are also equipped to provide exciting kitting options for clients seeking a special experience for product distribution. Our providers will design and fulfill custom packages of branded items to be shipped and tracked on-demand or in bulk orders. We can work with you to suggest themes or concepts for kits, whether you need new-hire packages or promotional event welcome bags.